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Letter from Robert Lee Jones, NM (full name with permission)

To Silver, Wood, and Ivory LLC:


December 9, 2020


Dear Cindy Keller Wittenberg and Tracy Dietrich, 


If your memory serves you correctly (more than mine does for me at age 72), I am the person whom you communicated with many, many years ago wondering how a person living in Deming, New Mexico would order your CDs from two ladies living in Lititz, PA (I think).  If you recall, I replied to your email that I did a Google Search for "panpipe music" and instead of "panpipe music," I got "Silver, Wood, and Ivory."  Thanks to that, I am now a huge fan of your music.  My lady friend, who used to play the oboe in high school and now plays the recorder at times in church, is now also a huge fan of your music, so much so that after hearing your CDs that I own, she wants a complete set of your CDs for herself as well, which is part of the reason for the order shown below. 


As I now have your attention, I would like to share the below story with you.  Please be advised that to read my story, you must be sitting at your breakfast table, drinking a hot cup of coffee. 

Subject: Missing you at Christmas

Message: My friend, Judy, and I have made it a Christmas tradition to come to one of your luncheons and sadly miss you this year. I have been playing all your Christmas CD's, which give me great comfort. Take a little break this year and we'll see you next year! - Sylvia

I definitely miss you but your music is carrying me through these day.s Thank you for that gift.  Denise

I have several of your CDs and greatly enjoy listening to them. MaryEllen

Still listening to your CD I purchased in 1999:)

It was so good to hear from you.  We last heard the two of you play near Hanover PA in the fall of 2019.  We have followed you all around the area from our own church concerts (SSPC in Mechanicsburg) twice, to Hershey twice, to Lititz and had planned on attending the concert at Camp Hill Presbyterian Church in April of 2020.  But, sadly, all was shut down about a month before that concert.  My mother-in-law, Jane, now aged 99 has all of your CDs and plays them all the time.  We have taken her to four of your luncheon/dinner concerts and you have serenaded her when she has attended during her birthday month of May.  I know you remember her and know that she adores you both.  She is always the first to yell "BRAVO".  You have provided her with much joy and your music continues to soothe her soul in her home.  Here's hoping that a vaccine comes and works so that you can have lunch/dinner concerts in late spring in time for her 100th birthday.  Nothing would please her more than to hear the two of you play such beautiful music.  Blessings, Claudia 

Thank you, ladies for your thoughtful update.

Yes, who knew when the clock struck 12 on 31 Dec/1 Jan that we would be in times such as these.

Looking forward to your updates and wishing you health and prosperity in 2021.

​Best always,

"I listen to beautiful music (4 of your albums included) every day at my work with people needing physical and emotional help (especially in these times.) It seems performing arts are in the hardest category to survive right now, so I am pleased to do my part in helping you and sharing more of your heavenly music with my clients. Someday we will be able to enjoy you live and maybe be able to attend performances in your beautiful home again." -Georgia

Don and I really miss you. Vicki

Hello Tracy and Cindy,
It was great to hear from you and get an update.  I have missed seeing you and hearing you (in person) this past spring and now the holiday season.  So looking forward to when we can once again gather to enjoy your beautiful music.  Hopefully, it will be in 2021.  Until then, the CD 's will have to do.  Wishing you much happiness and good health.  🎶🎶🎶
Take care,

Dear Tracy and Cindy,

Thanks for the very nice note.  It is a different world we are living in now. Unfortunately, the Covid 19 cases are increasing and not decreasing. So, we may be facing another lockdown.  Hopefully, you can continue to play together in Cincy's lovely sun room.

Miss seeing you and enjoying a delicious lunch and wonderful concert. Till we meet again, love and blessings.


I, too, like so many others, listen to your soothing music every day.  I know that it is daily because some good while ago I made the decision to only listen to your CD’s while I am driving.  It is calming and not upsetting as had been the news I formerly had on the car radio.  Even the music I found on radio was not to my liking so voila I opted for SW&I cds.


I had reservations to bring friends to your last scheduled concert and dinner.  This was their 2019 Christmas gift.  We all were so disappointed when my check was returned and concert was cancelled. We all were hoping that you would soon be able to reschedule.  We all know now and understand that has not been possible and we still have no idea when it will be possible again. 


Please know that with Christmas fast approaching I was thinking about what SW&I was doing, how you were personally doing, and what your projections for the future were.  So very good to get your email to know SW&I is still around, doing well, and planning to be functioning when it is possible to do so again.


Please stay safe and keep us informed.  Looking forward to bringing my friends and joining you as soon as we can do so safely.  Praying that will be soon!



Ironically,  I am listening to one of your CD's right now.  Can't wait until I can see you perform again and enjoy one of your elegant dinners. 😍

The day we met, I was attracted to your lovely “booth” at the Ocean City Art Show by the strains of a  beautiful flute.  I was thrilled when I discovered you were from Lititz and that I could enjoy an upcoming holiday concert not too far from my home in PA.  That single flute strain not only captured my attention but captured my heart and I’ve been thrilled to enjoy many many years of excellent music, dinner concerts and have shared the love of your music with the love of my husband Mike.  Thank you Cindy and Tracie for the sounds of love.❤️ Gail 



It was so good to hear from you!  I do have a memory to share, but first have a question to pose - do you have any plans (or maybe you already have this and I haven't found it!) to have digital downloads of your music.  I realized that I do not have anything that can play CDs anymore!  


My best memory (I have lots of good ones!):

I decided to surprise my mom and a few friends by taking them on a mystery night.  I got everyone to commit to an evening without knowing where they were going or what they were doing.   Then I bought tickets to one of your dinner concerts. 


We live in different cities, so we met at a designated spot and then carpooled to your house.  There were all sorts of comments and questions trying to tease the destination out of me.  They were really confused when we stopped at a residence.  My mom had an inkling, but not until we were pretty close.  The rest were clueless until we walked in the door.


The whole group loved the concert and the meal and said I could take them on a mystery night any time I wanted!


Thanks for making that night special!



Beautiful arrangements and gorgeous instrumentation....listened to it for all of December!

Love your music and enjoyed attending two Christmas dinners in your lovely home. I was excited to learn that Liz Hess was your cover artist. She is a favorite of mine and I have several prints from her Scotland Collection. I certainly pray that we will come through these difficult times soon, and that we can gather once more to enjoy your marvelous talents! Stay well!

Dear Cindy and Tracy, 

WOW...What a wonderful, uplifting missive.  God Bless You for reaching out to your friends in these uncertain times.  My prayer is that each of you and your families stay safe and comfortable. 

Fondest Regards 


Just got on your new web site—outstanding!! Loved your listening booth.  Your site is beautifully done


I was thinking of you on my drive to work this morning!   I hope you and your families are healthy and hanging in there.  I miss your live music!

Thanks for reaching out with this email.  I have no clue what goes into producing a CD.  Can you be working on some new ones to release a couple once you can get into a studio to record?

Thanks for this update. So many good memories of our times together in the past.

Be well. 

You two are a blessing to so many people. 

We are well, thanks be to God for his mercy. 

John and JoLene 

We bought this at a Silver, Wood & Ivory concert and it immediately became one of our favorie Christmas CDs. Very peaceful and Relaxing, in keeping with the spirit of the season. Beautiful music, beautifully performed. Highly recommended. 

This has been my favorite Christmas CD for many  years, and I'm giving it for gifts this year. I had the pleasure of seeing them in person in Lancaster, PA one  year. Thank you the gift of your beautiful music! 

Cindy and Tracy,

Thank you for the update and the release of the new Christmas cd.  I can't wait to get my copy from J.O.Y. bookstore.  I own and love all your albums and have great memories of attending two of your live performances -- at Fairview Church of the Brethren in Manheim and at the Mount Gretna Tabernacle.  


My sharing story is about your spiritual music.  I made a compilation CD of all my favorite hymns from various albums so I could listen to them altogether which I play at least twice a week.  And my top two favorites are your recordings of "On Eagles Wings" and "Amazing Grace" from "Autumn Air."  These hymns have a special meaning for me no matter who performs them, but your instrumental versions give them an even richer depth.  I meditate as I listen and they never fail to lift my spirits and inspire my prayers.  


I also enjoy the piano solo hymns on "Weaving Through Time" but I think it would be wonderful if you would record more spiritual music as a duet.  Your renditions would be welcome any time, but I expect they would be especially appreciated in the middle of this challenging pandemic when we all need every bit of hope and encouragement we can find.


Thank you and God bless you for sharing your talent with us all.



Mount Gretna

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