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 Podcast Interview

With Kevin and Silver, Wood & Ivory. 

"Up close and personal" with

Cindy and Tracy


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Kevin is back in our lives!

Who is Kevin?  Kevin McLemore is a man of many talents.  Did you know in 2006, we were featured on QVC?  This all happened because Kevin had a connection with QVC. He saw and heard us perform at the Philadelphia wholesale gift show. He said, “ I’m going to put SWI on QVC;” and he did! 

Unexpectedly, a few weeks ago, Kevin called again!  He said “ I want to promote SWI‘s Christmas Video  as a feature streaming event on my globally acclaimed podcast show.”

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In Kevin’s mission statement he says . . . 

“To influence culture, lifestyle and unify communities through education, entertainment, and shared experiences.” Kevin has always believed in us and loves our music, especially our Christmas albums. We realized this project is the perfect way for our music to help bring peace to the world.  


RMK Productions produced an ad to sell our 17 albums globally.

Rather than look to the corporate world, we decided to be our own sponsor. Help and support is needed to cover the advertising costs.

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Here is how you can back this project to take SWI globally:


1. Donate $200.00 

As a thank you gift, you will receive 2 Christmas Dessert Concert tickets.

Your choice of available dates!

-OR– Select 10 SWI Albums or your choice

2. Donate $100.00 

As a thank you gift, you will receive 1 Christmas Dessert Concert ticket.

Your choice of available dates!

-Or– Select 5 SWI Albums of your choice.

3. Donate any amount of your choice

Every dollar is greatly appreciated.

We would be unable to make beautiful music with out  your support!

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Streaming on YouTube Saturday night:

December 18, 2022


Silver, Wood & Ivory Live! on Stage

Christmas Concert Video


For tickets through EVENTBRITE for this event:

 Pre-sale price $15.95 until Nov. 20

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