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Silver, Wood & Ivory
CLASSICAL  Collection

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Purchase as 2-CD set
and/or USB flash drive
Perfect for car/computer listening

Time: One hour 37 minutes

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$25 plus tax and shipping

Refreshing. Wholesome!  Relaxing.

Be in the know about this CLASSICAL MUSIC CD . . .
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Great Composers and titles . . .
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Great Instrumentation! . . . 

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Healthy music??
click adirondack chair

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For relaxation and fun . . . 
Two SWI classical pieces with added visual dimensions  

Track #11 Ave Maria synced with out-of-this-world videography.
So you can't afford a ticket on the Virgin Galactic Spaceship this year? Here you go! This is free and reusable. May possibly lower blood pressure for 4 minutes and 20 seconds as you enter chill out mode. 
Recommend - Watch in full screen.

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Track #22 Sonata in D by Soler synced with adorable animal and colorful insect photos. Connect with the kid in you or better yet, share with a child. Bet it makes you smile:)
Recommend - Watch in full screen.

Baby Animal Sonata Soler Piano Sonata 9-29-21 thumbnail.png

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