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Silver, wood, and ivory are three creations of beauty found in nature. When you add the musical inspirations of Tracy Dietrich and Cindy Wittenberg, “Silver, Wood & Ivory” transform into a celestial musical journey.

Tracy Dietrich

Cindy Wittenberg

Tracy Dietrich, the Silver and Wood of the duo, was born with the gift of perfect pitch. She says that playing music came as second nature to her from the time she was a child. Tracy has played other instruments, but it’s the flute that has captured the passion of her musical voice. Tracy has mastered nineteen different flutes and recorders ranging from the most primitive to the most sophisticated. These intricate varieties of flutes compliment her unique style.

Tracy Dietrich, Silver, Wood & Ivory flutist

Cindy Wittenberg, the Ivory of the pair, grew up in a musical family with a classically trained mother. She began playing the piano at the age of four and began formal training by the age of eight. Cindy also learned to play the organ and the bassoon which allows her to draw from her symphonic experiences when composing music.

April 25, 2023 black dress_pp.jpg

Together, this two-person orchestra of classically trained artists have fashioned a tapestry of music that stirs the soul. Tracy and Cindy both have instrumental performance degrees: Tracy from Indiana University of PA,  and Cindy from Elizabethtown College and Peabody Conservatory.
Whether it’s a familiar song that causes memories to come flooding back or a new melody that creates a sense of calm, Silver Wood & Ivory has created a body of work that will satisfy everyone’s melodic appetite.

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