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SWI Concert Video
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$25 plus tax and shipping

Time: 85 Minutes

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Concert Program
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Silver, Wood & Ivory Live on Stage Video +6  Program page 1
Silver, Wood & Ivory Live on Stage Video Program + 6 page 2

1   For the Beauty of the Earth

2   The Swan

3   Somewhere Over the Rainbow

4   Story of Silver, Wood & Ivory

5   Celtic Aire

6   Breathe

7   Deep Purple

8   Stormy Night

9   Winter (Vivaldi)

10  Melancholy Day

11  Mercies Sonata

12  Bound for the Kingdom

13  Tracy introduces flutes

14  Twas in the Moon of Wintertime

15  God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen

/Sing We Now of Christmas

16  Greensleeves

17  Gentlemen’s Jazz

18  Pennywhistle Jig

19  Mo’s Art

20  Beethoven Symphony #5

21  Amazing Grace


A personal note from Cindy and Tracy

We are SO fortunate to have heavily invested in high quality, professionally produced video and audio footage from four previously performed live concerts. Why not create a video of the best of those concerts, splice them apart then "sew" back together in perfect order for everyone to enjoy anytime?

Producing major, live concerts required other professional musicians to be brought in, hiring the best lighting and sound engineers, a production manager, custom-made costumes and stage props, and contracting the best videographers we could find. It was a huge investment and well worth it for our many fans who faithfully and generously support us through ticket sales and album purchases.

Even if you attended all of these concerts, you'll still want to own this video.

"It's not just a piano and a flute," as we say. You can't imagine the ride you'll be on as you watch Silver, Wood & Ivory Live! on Stage +6 Concert video. Several beautiful nature scenes are gently interspersed among 19 music titles: luscious, translucent rainbows in Somewhere Over, fresh air summer breezes brushing through tree tops in This is the Air I Breathe, snow falling in Winter, the incredibly deep, sonic waves of the contrabass flute ghosting through a haunting winter moon for Twas in the Moon and so much more.

LOL as Cindy and Tracy spar throughout Beethoven's Fifth. (Tracy on piano? Cindy on flute?) The Story of Silver, Wood & Ivory told by Cindy and Tracy and, popular as always, Tracy Introducing her Flutes to the audience at American Music Theater add up-close-and-personal touches to it all. There's nothing like it anywhere and we'll never look younger.

Keep SWI financially healthy and happy by purchasing this video today! Thank you!

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